Monday, January 23, 2012

What I did to save money this week....

1.       Picked up a 3-pack of Brita water filters and a free after rebate Physicians Formula cosmetic at CVS.  I had $6 worth of coupons, 15 EBs, and $9.50 on a gift card. Total out of pocket cost was $.50. I received 5 EBs back for the filters, and I’ll get $14.95 back for the make up.

2.       Went grocery shopping on Sunday. I picked up only the items I needed to make a few meals that I had planned for the week.

3.       I carpooled with my coworker 3 out of the 5 days I worked this week.

4.       I worked on the Monday holiday, so I’ll get paid time and a half.

5.       And I worked an 8-hour overtime shift.

6.       I made breakfast and lunch at home all week.

7.       Put $139 into my emergency fund.

8.       Purchased 2 Zippo lighters at Rite Aid for $9.99 each (plus tax). Received $10 back in +UPRewards and will also receive a $10 Single Check Rebate. $20.54 was paid for with a gift card and I paid $.30 out of pocket.

9.       Continued working on my two painting projects when I had free time this week. I also found something else I can paint at home using the paint I purchased for these other projects.
10.   Saturday was cold and snowy all day, so I decided to stay home and work on a bunch of things around the house. I worked on cleaning and organizing, found a bunch of things to sell on Ebay and Craigslist and some items to donate.

11.   My dinner plans with a friend were cancelled on Saturday night due to the weather, so I made dinner at home. After the snow finally stopped, I went out to CVS to get a rain check for an item they were out of stock on all week and to grab one deal I had missed when I was there earlier in the week. I bought 4 Hallmark cards (.99 each). I had a B3G1F CRT for them. I paid with $2.50 in EBs and the rest went on a gift card. I received 3 EBs for purchasing 3 cards.

Sunday: $23.98 groceries
            $.50 CVS – will receive $14.95 back in a mail in rebate
Monday: No spend day
Tuesday: No spend day
Wednesday:  $10.14 – Chipotle *worked a double
Thursday: No spend day
Friday: $.30 – Rite Aid - will receive a $10 rebate
                $58.01 – Gas
                $4.00 – Moe’s –Dinner at work
Saturday: No spend day


  1. Hi Laurie,

    Great job. I love that you carpool.

  2. Me too! It definitely helps out on weeks when my coworker drives. Plus he has a truck and is always more than willing to drive when it's snowing.