Monday, January 2, 2012

Saving Money

It's tough coming up with even more ways to save money. I've already been doing many of the typical money saving techniques for years.
  • I haven't had cable since I moved into my condo in June 2007.
  • I cancelled my landline phone years ago.
  • I also don't have an internet subscription at home.
  • I recently cancelled Netflix when they raised their rates and I've been renting DVDs from the library.
  • I have a programmable thermostat that is set to 62 degrees while I'm at work or sleeping and is set for 64 degrees when I'm home.
  • I have been living off of my HBA stockpile and very rarely spend money on those types of items.
  • I still have a small stockpile of dry goods like pasta, rice and some snacks.
  • Plus a stockpile of things like laundry soap, paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning products, air fresheners and candles.
  • I try to do all of my laundry during off peak hours to save on energy costs.
  • I drive an 11 year old car, so I have no car payment. My driving record is clean too, so my insurance is only $50 per month.
  • I carpool with a coworker 4 out of the 5 days that I work each week. I drive right by his exit on the way in, so it's no more than 5 minutes out of my way each day. We alternate driving each week, so that helps out a bit with fuel costs.
  • I've pretty much stopped drinking alcohol. I've never been one to drink while I'm home or even when I'm out having a meal and I've cut way back on going to the bars with my friends. When I hang out with friends we tend to grab something to eat and then just hang out at someone's house.
  • I don't drink coffee, get my nails done, frequent the hair salon, go tanning or anything else that could be considered frivolous.
  • I did recently join a gym, but it's $10 a month and I'll get reimbursed by my health insurance plan after I've been a member for 4 months. I'm planning on cancelling the membership once it gets warm enough to run outside again anyway.
  • I clip coupons for items I use, shop the grocery sales, make a grocery list and stick to it and to a certain extent I plan a menu each week. I also shop at CVS and Rite Aid and use and roll extrabucks/up rewards so I can continue adding to my stockpile of HBA items without having to actually pay cash for them.
  • Other than my mortgage (and a small amount of money I owe my parents) I have no credit card bills, no student loans, no car loan.
I'm hoping I can come up with some more creative ways to save some extra money this year, and maybe even rake in some extra cash.

Sometimes when I'm bored, I'll scour the internet for "creative ways to save money" but a lot of those tips are repeated on all of the different websites.

Does anybody have any new tips for me? I'd love to hear them!


  1. You are doing a great job. Stay in the challenege and folloow my blog and the comments and I am sure you will pick up some new tips.

  2. I'm officially following you with my new blog. Looking forward to learning lots of new things!