Monday, January 30, 2012

What I did to save money last week....

I don't know how much saving I actually did this seemed like I did a lot of spending.

1.  Last Sunday I went to look at a buffet I had found online at West Elm. I loved it and decided to buy it. It was very expensive ($699 plus tax) but I’ve been searching for something for that odd space in my dining room ever since I bought the place in 2007. The dimensions are perfect and I’m looking forward to filling it up with stuff. They didn’t have any in stock, so I chose the “ship to store” option, which saved me $75 on shipping. I also opened up a West Elm credit card because for every $250 you spend, you earn $25 in design dollars. Once tax was added on, I was about $8 short of spending enough to get $75 worth of design dollars. I grabbed a white tray I had been eyeing for a grand total of $766.06.

2.  On Sunday I also stopped by Joann Fabrics to pick up some buttons so I could make a button monogram like this one I found on pinterest. I already have a frame, glue and scrapbooking paper for the back, so all I needed were the buttons.

3. I made a huge batch of macaroni and cheese using this recipe I found on pinterest. It didn’t really taste like Panera’s, but it was still really good. I brought some of this along with some salad to work each night for dinner.

4. Wednesday was one of my favorite coworkers last day at work. We ordered pizzas and went out for drinks at the end of the shift. I had a $3 coupon for the pizza which helped defray the cost a little bit.

5. I made some Oreo truffles using this recipe. I had been craving these for a while and used my coworker’s last day of work as an excuse to make them. I halved the recipe since there would only be about 6 of us. They’re so easy to make, and so so so yummy. I aready had the melting chocolate on hand and had picked up a bar of cream cheese and a package of mint oreos a few weeks ago while grocery shopping.

6.  I got all of my top cabinets sanded, primed, painted and hung back up this week. Now it’s on to the bottom cabinets and drawers. The rest of my house looks like a disaster during this process because all of the displaced kitchen items are everywhere.

7.  Saturday night one of my best friends had a little get together at her house and served pizzas and margaritas. I brought over two packages of mini cupcakes ($5.98) that I picked up at the grocery store on the way over. I spent the night catching up with a bunch of friends I hadn’t seen in a long time.

8.  My heat was kept at 62 degrees while I was sleeping and at work and at 64 degrees the rest of the time.

Sunday:   $37.33 S&S
                $766.06 West Elm
    $5.58 Joann Fabrics
Monday: No spend day
Tuesday: No spend day
Wednesday: $6.00 pizza
                     $12.00 beers
Thursday: $11.35 post office
Friday: No spend day
Saturday: $5.98 Shaw’s

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