Monday, January 16, 2012

Money Saving Challenge: January 16, 2012

1.       I had an at home spa day before work. I waxed my eyebrows and gave myself a pedicure using items I already own.
2.       I drank mostly water this week. I did have a few glasses of milk with breakfast during the week and I did splurge on a Twix flavored ice coffee on one of my overtime shifts this week. I still haven’t had any soda this year!
3.       Ran all of my errands on one day to help save on fuel costs.
4.       Received two rebate checks for $6.29 each.
5.       Received a payment of $5.19 from for a book I sold a few weeks back.
6.       I did carpool 4 out of the 5 days I worked this week, but it was my week to drive, so I didn’t save anything on gas.
7.       I worked 16 hours of overtime this week.
8.       I was able to skip going grocery shopping this week by using items I already had on hand for meals.  
9.       I got the DIY bug this weekend. As much as I would love to buy new cabinets and countertops, I don’t have the money to replace mine. I did a lot of research this week and decided to paint the ones that I already have. It’s a temporary solution, but I’m hoping it will look better than it did. I made a list of the supplies I would need. My parents had a lot of the stuff on hand, so I didn’t have to buy half the items on my list (paint tray, rollers, painters tape, sander & sand paper). I went to Lowe’s on Saturday to purchase the remaining items on my list….primer, white and black paint, tack cloth and a can of polyurethane. The total was $85.07. I used $60 worth of gift cards and paid the remaining $25.07. One of the cans of paint has a $5 rebate, so I will send away for that, meaning my total for everything will be $20.07. This will leave me with enough paint to not only re-do my kitchen cabinets, but the vanity in my half bath and my railings too. I’ll have before and after pictures coming soon!
10.   I had three “no spend days” this week.
Here’s how my spending was for the rest of the week:
Sunday: $12.16 dinner & dessert with friends…PF Changs & McDonald’s sundaes…YUM!
Monday: No spend day
Tuesday: No spend day
Wednesday:  $52.29 Gas
                      $5.00 iced coffee for me & a coworker
                      $2.00 Subway for dinner at work *worked a double this day
Thursday: $8.12 Panera for dinner at work *worked a double this day
Friday: No spend day
Saturday: $25.07 Lowe’s

Seeing as how I said I might let myself order takeout on nights where I work a double, I didn’t do too bad this week.

11.   I sold an old text book on for $29.
12.   I stayed home on Saturday night and working on painting, so I didn’t spend any money going out with friends.

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