Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This is my second attempt at blogging. I started a blog in 2007 that was focused on bargain hunting, which was appropriately titled “Bargain Hunter.” It started off as a place for me to showcase my grocery and drug store shopping trips that back when I used to be able to get bags of items for just pennies.
In 2009, I challenged myself to a $500 grocery/entertainment budget for the whole year. I started off with a virtual $500 on a spreadsheet. Any grocery, drug store, eating out or entertainment expense that was paid for with actual money (and not a gift card, rewards coupon etc.) was deducted from that $500. Any found money, rebate money or additional earned income (i.e. survey money, mystery shopping money) was added back in to the budget.  I deleted the spreadsheet a long time ago, but I do remember that as of Christmas 2009, I was still on track. I think I ended up going over the $500 by $10 or so at the very end of the year. Technically I failed, but even spending $510 for a year’s worth of those types of expenses was pretty incredible.
As the deals started to dry up, I stopped posting on my old blog and eventually I took it down towards the end of 2010. But I’ve missed blogging so much, so I decided to start up a new one.
I may not be able to get a cart of groceries for a couple bucks anymore, but that year of living on an extremely tight grocery budget definitely taught me some tricks  that I hope I can pass along to my readers.
I’m hoping to use this blog not only as a tool to help keep me accountable, but also as a place to share money saving tips, good bargains, frugal home decorating ideas and anything else I think of that seems worth sharing.


  1. Hi Laurie,
    i used to follow your old blog...glad I found you again on frugal makes cents! Im looking forward to your new blog!


  2. Hi Pat,

    I'm glad you found me too!